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Fremont boys, Ludington girls dominate at WMC Lakes Division cross country jamboree

Conference leaders showcase talent as Whitehall hosts.

The spectators gathered at Whitehall High School witnessed an exhilarating race with runners pushing their limits and giving it their all. The race, held on a picturesque cross country course, witnessed an electrifying display of talent and determination.

Girls Results

Leading the pack and securing the top spot was Ludington’s own Summer Brower, who crossed the finish line with a remarkable time of 20:51.90. Brower’s incredible endurance and unwavering commitment were on full display as she powered through the challenging course to secure victory for her team.

The battle for second place was just as thrilling, with Linnea Paige of Fremont narrowly finishing behind Brower with a time of 20:52.00, a mere tenth of a second difference. The race for second place was a true testament to the competitors’ grit and determination.

Annabelle Lowman, also from Ludington, completed the top three finishers with a time of 20:52.10, ensuring Ludington’s dominance at the forefront of the race. The teamwork and support among Ludington’s runners were evident, as their combined efforts propelled them to victory.

Cecilia Postma of Manistee and Cami Kraai of Whitehall rounded out the top five, each finishing within seconds of the leaders with times of 20:52.20 and 20:52.60, respectively.

Ludington’s success was a result of the hard work and dedication put in by the entire team. Their unity and synchronized effort were vital in securing the top position, and their determination serves as an inspiration to aspiring cross country runners everywhere.

Boys Results

It was Sean Pettis of Fremont who emerged as the day’s hero, claiming the top spot with an impressive time of 16:48.90. Pettis exhibited extraordinary speed and endurance throughout the race, solidifying his reputation as one of the region’s top cross country runners.

Not far behind, Stewart Waters of Whitehall gave a valiant effort, finishing just 7.2 seconds behind Pettis with a time of 16:56.10. Waters’ determination and tenacity were on full display as he pushed himself to the limits, narrowly missing the top spot.

Carter Sherman of Fremont rounded out the top three, clocking in at 16:58.80. Sherman’s performance played a crucial role in securing the team victory for Fremont, as he consistently maintained a strong pace throughout the race.

Peyton Ruel of Muskegon Oakridge and Noah Raeth of Montague rounded out the top five, with impressive times of 17:20.70 and 17:31.70, respectively. Their exceptional efforts added depth to an already competitive field of runners.

Fremont’s victory was a testament to their team’s dedication and hard work. They are a tight knit group, supporting each other every step of the way. Their strong showing in both individual and team categories left a lasting impression on the spectators and their competitors.

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